Yoga course - Meditation & Relaxation


This is a course where you learn the basics of yoga, meditation, and relaxation. The course is suitable for those who want to get tools to manage stress in everyday life and improve their health.

We learn body exercises interspersed with breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation.
The body exercises are calm, and meditative and provide increased mobility, strength, and balance. The body exercises do not require much physical effort.
The breathing exercises contribute to increased oxygenation, which gives increased energy, while the breathing exercises have a calming effect on the body and mind.
We use various relaxation techniques, guided meditations, and Yoga Nidra to become more relaxed and to quiet the mind.

Small group, maximum 8 participants

Location: Studieförbundet Vuksenskolan
Leader: Lena Björkblad

About Lena: Lena is a certified yoga teacher and runs Lena's Hatha Yoga School. She has given courses in yoga and meditation since 2004 and also trained yoga teachers since 2016.
More info:

28Mar 18:00 - 19:30

Contact information

Kanalgatan, 41 B
Contact: Lena Våglund
Phone: +46-91085010

Organizer: Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan


Price information

The course consists of 5 meetings with the possibility of extension with a few meetings if the group so wishes.

Price: SEK 850 for 5 meetings