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The Folk & World Music Festival is resurrected after the pandemic and on April 14-15, 2023, we will meet in one of the world's tallest wooden buildings, Sara Cultural Center in Skellefteå. The gala program includes fantastic live performances, prize giving, wonderful side activities and much more.

Here are some of the highlights from the weekend:


Friday, April 14

16:00 - Conference department, level 4, The Wood Hotel by Elite

Workshop with Robert Markström, national genre developer for theater and storytelling for Culture and Education. Whether you are a beginner, experienced or just curious, you are welcome. We go through the basics of what makes a story come alive and do practical exercises to do so.

17:15 - Concert with Jörgen Stenberg, Stage 2
From Malå comes this Forest Sami joiker, cultural worker, storyteller and reindeer herder, where he talks about his musical tradition and the world heritage that the joik is.

17:30 - Workshop with Maria Jonsson, Trappscenen
Maria is a national fiddler, born in Skellefteå. She teaches her favorites from Västerbotten. Her repertoire is like a folk musical smorgasbord containing everything from bitter inland Polish songs to fancy quadrilles

19:30 - About the sad death of the Lappselman, Stage 2
Fiddler and storyteller Thomas Andersson lets us follow the fate of the Lapp boy in word and tone in this hour-long and acclaimed storytelling performance.

21:00-01:00 - Pre-party with Mingel, dancing and bush games, South foyer

Saturday 15 April

11:30 - Gest U Rum (Carry on), Kulturtrappan
Here we twist and turn the concept of "Oral Storytelling", an art form that rests on a traditional foundation. The moderator is Robert Markström, theater manager in Luleå with extensive experience in the subject. It also has Thomas Anders-son, fiddler, oral storyteller and Cage Sweeper, who is the other person to populate the stage.

11:30 - Workshop with Guldstalaget and Bygdsiljum's Folk Dance Team, Kulturtrappan
The local dance teams Guldstalaget and Bygdsiljums Folkdance Team hold a workshop in dances from Västerbotten and the whole thing ends with a dance performance.

12:15 - A great fiddler in time and space, Stage 4
In 1872, the great fiddler Karl Viktor Burman was born in the village of Ljusvatnet, Burträsk. He is one of the most important tradition bearers in the north and a cultural heritage shared by Norr and Västerbotten. Here you can take part in his life during a lecture by fiddler Mats Nordström and Staffan Lundmark.

13:00 Dance Korskadrillj, Kulturtrappan
Dancing the quadrille was a novelty at the beginning of the 19th century and replaced the Polish as the first and most important dance at weddings. If the quadrille went well, the marriage was happy. Here it is Luleå Hembygdgille that dances and teaches.

14:30 - About traditional music and creation, Stage 4
Västerbotten national fiddler and nyckelharpist Daniel Pettersson lectures on how traditional materials can form a basis for creativity, artistic work and innovation.

15:30 - Wästerbottn Folkband, Kulturtrappan
Wästerbottn Folkband is an initiative where young musicians from the county get to meet and rehearse in various locations in Västerbotten. They are inspired by professional musicians/educators and are of course the folk musicians of the future.

16.00 - Visas from Västerbotten, Conference Department, 4th floor, The Wood Hotel by Elite
Workshop with Sigrid Gregersdotter Ottosson living in Brattsbacka, Västerbotten. She teaches beautiful and subtle songs from Västerbotten, we trawl together favorite Polish shoes and perhaps make a small musical excursion to other landscapes and countries.

16:30 - Andreas Risan, Concert with narration, Stage 4
Andreas grew up in Skellefteå and folk music took root in him when he was in his teens. Andreas has studied at the Eric Sahlström Institute, Malung's Folk High School and also in Norway. He will play and talk about himself, the songs and people around him who meant a lot.

19:00 - Gala concert, Stage 1

On stage:
Hangasjärvi & Alatalo
Christmas Arbo String Band
Erika & Cecilia
Ebo Krdum


The staves
Raw Tape
Katarina Barruk
The ghost in the kitchen

Speakers: Bengan Jansson and Alva Granström

10:00 p.m.- 01:00 a.m. - After-party with Mingle, dancing and bush games, South foyer

During Friday and Saturday, the following groups perform in the Södra foyer and play for dancing in the evenings.

Umeå Spelmanslag
Skellefteå Spelmanslag
Sorsele Fiddlers
Broparken's Spelmadammer
The group Mäkt
Wästerbottn Folkband
The Ukulele Orchestra
Jörgen Svedberg & Robert Lindberg.


Important information - Keep a tight hold on the ticket throughout the weekend, it is valid for entry to all the gala's events (first-come, first-served for certain program items) and shows your seat at the Gala Concert on Stage 1, Saturday 15 April at 19.00.

You can find more about the event here:

The full program of the gala


Important information: The organizer has several events during these two days. The ticket only belongs to Saturday evening when we will have admission with Kulturhusbolaget's staff. At other performances, "first come, first served" applies in the stages.

You can find more info about the event here:


Good to know before your visit:

Age limit: 13+
Cloakroom: located adjacent to the stage for the event.
The cloakroom fee is included in your ticket.
For Trappscenen there is only one unmanned wardrobe.
Admission: approx. 30 minutes before the event starts.
Eating: Food and drink are not allowed to be brought into our stages.
Hearing aids: available in all our scenes, read more here.
Rollator: placed outside the entrance, staff on site are available if you need help.
Lift: located at stairwell B, left side.
Wheelchair spaces: All wheelchair spaces are accessible via elevator, stairwell B, left side. Please respect that wheelchair spaces are intended for wheelchair users. In case of violation, the ticket will be declared invalid on the spot and entry to the event will be denied. Tickets cannot be repurchased in the event of an incorrect purchase.

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Contact information

Kanalgatan 43B
93131 Skellefteå
Phone: +46-910736000

Organizer: Riksförbundet för Folkmusik & Dans


Price information

Regular price: SEK 750
Wheelchair + incl. 1 companion: SEK 750
Students: SEK 500
Pensioner: SEK 500
Youth 16-25 years: SEK 500
Children 13-16 years: free entry


Tickets are sold at Skellefteå Tourist Center and on the organizer's official booking page.

For more info about tickets tel. + 46 (0)910-452510 or

NOTE! There is no reservation of tickets, only direct purchases.


Age limit: 13+

Everyone in the audience receives an entry wristband at the entrance.

Keep the entry ticket - it is also valid for Saturday.

Time: 19.00 – 21.00 (incl. break)