Linnea Henriksson

Stage 1, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå


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With the goal of creating extra memorable live experiences for the audience, Linnea Henriksson sets out in Sweden in the spring with the small tour. A tour designed to fit unique locations that can deliver fun and powerful experiences for both the audience and Linnea herself.

For the Skellefte audience, she is a valued artist and when she now returns to Skellefteå in the late spring with the small tour, it will be her first visit to Sara cultural center.

Linnea Henriksson show that everyone has the right to high-quality live music, regardless of where you live. She hopes to make Sweden's music scene more equal by actively looking for places other than "the usual" and literally choosing new paths in the hope that more people will follow. The goal is to create more stops on the Swedish tour map and attract new people, organizers as audience, to the best place in the world - the stage.

As Linnea herself says;

Hand on heart. Where have you had your best live experience anywhere? For me, it's the closeness that creates the magic every time. Therefore, in late spring 2023, I'm going on tour to the smaller, more intimate venues for a "we were there" experience that can only happen right there, right then. A tour that goes outside the "usual" stops and instead goes to those that are often "forgotten" in the larger contexts. Because it's fun. Because it's important. Because there is nothing more powerful.

Linnea Henriksson has made a name for herself as a Swedish pop singer and songwriter. Since her entrance on Idol in 2010, she has become a beloved and beloved artist through her three full-length albums, a Christmas EP and her acclaimed appearance on "So Much Better" in 2018. Her music has been played over 200 million times and she has received prestigious awards such as P3 Gold (Artist of the Year 2012, Pop of the Year 2019), Alice Bab's Jazz scholarship in 2015 and was named Folkets hus och parker's "Ulla Billquist scholar" in 2016.

As a live performer, Linnea is one of the most celebrated for her unique stage presence and can make any stage her own. She lets her audience get really close, both through her strong and recognizable song lyrics and through her personal banter. It will be "for real", as she herself would describe it.

Alongside her artist career, Linnea has become a valued companion at home with the Swedish people through prestigious assignments as presenter for Melodifestivalen 2020, recurring presenter/reporter for Musikhjälpen and this summer we could hear her finish this year's "Summer in P1".


Good to know before your visit:

Age limit: none.
Cloakroom: located adjacent to the stage for the event. The fee is included in your ticket.
Admission: about 30 minutes before the event starts.
Food & Drinks: not allowed in our stages.
Hearing aids: available in all our stages, read more here.
Note that the concert is not microphone-enhanced, but that hearing aids work as usual during introductions and speeches.
Walker: placed outside the entrance, staff on site are available if you need help.
Lift: located at stairwell B, left side.
Wheelchair spaces: All wheelchair spaces are accessible via elevator, stairwell B, left side. Please respect that wheelchair spaces are intended for wheelchair users. In case of violation, the ticket will be declared invalid on the spot and entry to the event will be denied. Tickets cannot be repurchased in the event of an incorrect purchase.


Craving for a lovely mingling before the concert?

Before the concert, The Wood Hotel by Elite serves drinks and light snacks in the Södra foyer.
Serving opens 45 minutes before the concert begins.


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Concert ticket: SEK 500 including service fee


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Age limit: none

Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes