Alla får åka med!



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Children SEK 10, Adults SEK 50
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Alla får åka med! - Puppet theater for the very little ones.

A little girl drives in her blue truck. She takes many passengers with her; a hanging Santa, a brooding pig, a boy who fell, a frozen dog and a sad teddy bear. Together they go home to the girl's house and have a juice party.

Boulevardteatern's performance "Alla får åka med" is based on Anna-Clara Tidholm's picture book for the very little ones. A performance about empathy, community and diversity and the importance of simple, everyday togetherness. Being different is good!

Saturday 25 March
At 2 p.m
Folkets hus, Boliden

Tickets: Tickets are pre-purchased here:
Everyone can go - Tickster 
Or at the start of the performance

Price: Adult: SEK 50. Children: SEK 10.

The arrangement is a collaboration between Boulevardteatern, Skellefteå municipality and Boliden's Theater & Music Association - part of the Riksteatern.

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Children SEK 10, Adults SEK 50