How many trees are there in the forest? - Streamed lecture

Skellefteå museum, Skellefteå

Welcome to two talks in the program series that are part of the exhibition "How many trees are there in the forest?", produced by Västerbotten's museum. Both talks are streamed and can be seen on site at Skellefteå museum. NOTE! IN SWEDISH.

Wednesday 15 March 18.30–19.30 What can you find in the forest?
The forest has always been used by the people in our county for hunting and trapping as well as pre-extraction of products from the trees. There have also been buildings in what is now forest land. What remains and traces can we see of it today?
Berit Andersson, archaeologist at the Västerbotten museum, tells us more.
Location: Skellefteå museum, floor 2.

Wednesday 19 April 18.30–19.30 From a small coke to the big forest machine
Magnus Andersson, curator at the Forest and Sami Museum in Lycksele, talks about the museum's extensive Sami and forest collections.
Location: Skellefteå museum, floor 2.

Arr: VBM in collaboration with Västerbotten past & present and Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan. More about the entire series at

Photo: Berit Andersson, Västerbotten's museum. In the picture two coal furnaces in Risvattnet east of Bygdeträsket, Skellefteå municipality.

19Apr 18:30 - 19:30 Skellefteå museum

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