Noice - I Natt Är Hela Stan Vår

Stage 1, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå


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When five teenage boys from Gustavsberg met to scratch in their parents' garage, it was the beginning of one of the most iconic rock bands in Swedish music history.

With the debut album "Tonårsdrömmar" in 1979 and the appearance in the television program Møndagsbörsen in 1980, the band's popularity exploded. Chaos in the public parks with crowd record after crowd record set. Crowds of fans camped out in members' parents' gardens. With all their hits, Noice is undoubtedly one of the biggest Swedish bands ever.

In a brand new concert hall production, all new fans get to experience the whole story of Noice as well as all the hits in a show where the sweat is guaranteed to flow on both audience and band.

Noice is original members Peo Thyrén who wrote many of the band's hits bass/vocals and Robban Klasen drums. Charlie Grönvall on vocals and guitar, John Persson keyboards. The shooting star Charlie Grönvall has been a great success in the lead role as "Hasse Carlsson" in the acclaimed "Noice Rock musical".


Good to know before your visit:

Age limit: 13 years
Bag ban: applies to events in Stage 1 and Stage 2, read more here.
Cloakroom: located adjacent to the stage for the event. The fee is included in your ticket.
Admission: about 30 minutes before the event starts.
Food & Drinks: not allowed in our stages.
Hearing aids: available in all our stages, read more here.
Note that the concert is not microphone-enhanced, but that hearing aids work as usual during introductions and speeches.
Walker: placed outside the entrance, staff on site are available if you need help.
Lift: located at stairwell B, left side.
Wheelchair spaces: All wheelchair spaces are accessible via elevator, stairwell B, left side. Please respect that wheelchair spaces are intended for wheelchair users. In case of violation, the ticket will be declared invalid on the spot and entry to the event will be denied. Tickets cannot be repurchased in the event of an incorrect purchase.


Craving for a lovely mingling before the concert?

Before the concert, The Wood Hotel by Elite serves drinks and light snacks in the South foyer. Serving opens 45 minutes before the concert begins.



Tickets are released on Friday, March 17 at 10:00 a.m. via, and Skellefteå Tourist Center.

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Price information

Price: From SEK 395, incl. service fee.


Tickets are sold at Skellefteå Tourist Center and on the organizer's official booking page.

For more information about tickets tel. + 46 (0)910-452510 or

ATTENTION! There is no reservation of tickets, only direct purchase.


Age limit: 13 years.

Duration: 1 hour, 35 minutes. No break.