World Book Day: Alla våra systrar - author visit by Anna Jörgensdotter

The City Library, Skellefteå

World Book Day: Alla våra systrar - author visit by Anna Jörgensdotter

Anna Jörgensdotter was born in Sandviken and has been living in Gävle for some time. She made her debut in 2002 with the acclaimed Pappa Pralin and has since written several books based on women's history and focusing on working-class women. In Bergets döttrar she depicted the lives of poor women in Sandviken in the 1930s. Solidärer from 2017 takes place during the Spanish Civil War and was awarded several prizes, including the Sara Lidman prize.

Last year saw the novel Systrarna, which according to some reviewers can be read as a continuation of Pappa Pralin. In it, stories from different timelines and places come together when the main character talks to the sisters in his life – including Kathy Acker, Sonja Åkesson and Sara Lidman. The sisters who are the lifelines of patriarchy.

2023 is the year we celebrate in the spirit of Sara Lidman. With his courage and his tirelessfeminism and solidarity, Anna Jörgensdotter has undoubtedly written herself into history as one of Sara's sisters - in spirit.


Sunday, April 23, at 14.00-15.00
Västerbottensrummet, City Library, Sara Culture House

Arr: Skellefteå Municipality/City Library


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