Organizer's meeting for cultural associations

Stage 5, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Welcome to the organizer's meeting for cultural associations!

As of March 1 this year, Sara kulturhus is introducing a new, more flexible pricing as well as more favorable prices for premises rents for local cultural associations. With this, we hope to enable more local events in the house.

Sara kulturhus sees the importance of all events, large and small, getting the chance to take place on the various stages and a strong local cultural life also forms the basis for a thriving cultural life in Skellefteå. We want to protect the grassroots that exist and encourage local actors to take advantage of the power that exists and dare to bet on their own arrangements. (We'll be happy to hold your hand on the way there!)

During the meeting, staff from the house will inform about everything from technical conditions, ticket sales, marketing and municipal organizer grants, etc. We also want to take the chance to listen to the associations' needs and welcome questions of various kinds. For those who are interested, a tour of the house is offered after the meeting.

If you want, you can already take a look at our stages and read more about conferences and meetings via our organizer portal.

Location: Stage 5, entrance via the North foyer
Time: 18:00-19:30


Practical information about Sara kulturhus
Emmy Gustafsson Wass, Event manager
Frippe Eliasson, 1st Stagemanager

Emma Bystedt, Sales and Ticket Manager

Marketing of events
Evelina Nilsson, Marketing communicator

Municipal organizer grants
Maria Wallin, Culture Mediator

Guided tour for those who wish

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See you!

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