Greatest 80´s - A Christmas show with only hits

Stage 1, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå


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Greatest 80s is a Christmas show with only the hits, performed by the artists who topped the Trackslist with them during the 80s. As the tour takes place a month before Christmas, the occasional Christmas song is also offered.

"The audience will be thrown back to folk park evenings when you jumped, danced and sang along to the hits of your idols. With original artists such as Magnum Bonum, Mikael Rickfors, Dan Hylander, Ankie Bagger, Sha-Boom, Lasse Lindbom Band, Snowstorm and Katrina (excl. The Waves), Greatest 80s is the biggest 80s tour that has ever been done in Sweden, including the tours that were carried out during the 80s" says Peter Besterman, tour producer at Besterman AB.

Sha-Boom were the kings of the late 80s on the Tracklist. Led by Peo Thyrén, from Noice, and the Norwegian teenager Dag Finn, they exploded into the starry sky with the breakthrough song Don't Steal My Heart Away. The success was followed up with the country plague and the mega-hit R.O.C.K. as well as the Gessle-penned Let ́s Party. After not playing together for many years, the stars of Sha-Boom now make an exclusive reunion on the Greatest 80s concert hall tour.

Dan Hylander had an iron grip on the live audience with songs like Farewell to Catalonia in 1981, and a few years later with Skuggor i skymningen and Svart kaffe. The Malmö son is still the same today and is still loved by a loyal audience all over the country.

The success story of Magnum Bonum started back in 1978 with Skateboard, and the band continued to be one of the biggest attractions in folk parks well into the 80s with songs like Loverboy, Hög hatt and Marie. They still draw a large audience on their tours around the Nordics.

With Sommarnatt, Snowstorm got one of the most loved songs of the 80s, and it has continued to live on and be played year after year. The group followed up with the success of hits such as Vårståmning and Hon åskard fast and will soon be celebrating their 50th anniversary. Ever since the start, they have toured extensively, and most of all the good Gothenburgers have been seen on the West Coast. Now, during an intensive month, they will treat audiences all over Sweden to their rock of the best brand.

Ankie Bagger started as a dancer and choir singer behind Lili & Susie. After being offered a record deal, she recorded People Say It ́s in the Air, which Herreys had previously recorded in Swedish. There was no obstacle for Ankie to have a huge hit, and adorn the walls of thousands of teenagers' rooms. The success increased to avalanche strength with Where Were You Last Night and the cover of Kiss' disco song I Was Made For Lovin' You.

The Lasse Lindbom Band is the house band on Greatest 80s and of course also treats the audience to their most loved songs. Before Christmas, Tänd ett candle, as Lasse did with Triad, is a given. Come and warm yourself fits well when the snow swirls around the knots, and Still smells of love, which he wrote together with Marie Fredriksson, has become a contemporary classic.

Mikael Rickfors is the artist in the starting field who has had the longest career and the greatest international success, as a singer in the English The Hollies. Throughout the 80s, he was one of Sweden's biggest artists, with hits first in English and then even bigger in Swedish. The songs that were played the most, and have become classics, are Wings and Som stormen tears the open ocean. When he does his fine interpretation of Percy Sledge's soul classic When a Man Loves a Woman, there is not a dry eye.

Katrina, who first became a global star with her band Katrina & The Waves and the international super hit Walking on Sunshine, is undoubtedly the show's biggest star. Even though it was already the 90s when she won the Eurovision Song Contest with Love Shine A Light, she won't withhold that treat from you either. It feels great to be able to top this 80s pastry with a real world star!

"This will be an incredibly fun month for us artists, and I am convinced that the audience will notice that. Our joy will be contagious and be seen and heard on stage. Many of us artists have known each other for 40 years, so this will be like a kind of last night with the gang for us," says Peo Thyrén.


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