Village flea market spree


Village flea market spree with and in the villages of Holmsvattnet, Svartjärn and Vallen as well as a few stops in Sjöbotten. In addition to flea markets, some of the villages will also offer some type of food or coffee sale.

In some of the villages, flea markets will take place at the village hall, in others, flea markets will also take place at various private houses. A few flea markets will take place in Sjöbotten. Directional flea market signs will be placed by the roadside.

Sales of food and refreshments will be available in some villages. Holmsvattnet will serve hamburgers and coffee and Svartjärn coffee and waffles.


03Jun 11:00 - 15:00

Contact information

93193 Skellefteå
Contact: Tova Glänta
Phone: +46-705295243

Organizer: Holmsvattnets byaförening



Directions, from north:
Take the E4 towards Bureå and turn right at the Sjöbotten and flight sign.
Drive to Sjöbotten and turn left towards Vallen.
This is where the flea market starts, so now you can look for flea market signs.

From south:
Take the E4 past Lövånger.
Turn left towards Vallen.
At Vallen, the flea market starts, so then you can start looking for flea market signs.

From Burträsk:
Take road 365 north, turn right at the sign for Mjödvattnet
Start the flea market in Vallen or turn right a little later in Långviken towards Sjöbotten and start the flea market there instead.