Skillingnew for the coffee

Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

What is hidden in the bud, comes out at the cup!

The storytelling performance Skillingnytt till kaffet takes you to a hearty community around the coffee cup with memories immortalized in art and musical theatre, personal travel stories from the stage – and maybe also memories from the audience?

Here, present and past, seriousness and bursts of laughter can be found here, and of course: the coffee itself.

It started in a journey. An artist, a composer and an actor traveled through Norrbotten and Västerbotten.

At the same time that the newspapers wrote about the big changes that await, long-time people at the kitchen tables told about mother, father, grandmother and grandfather.

About times when the tramps stayed the night, the matchmaking was at the dance and the family got their very first car.

Time passes but the coffee remains.

Like the memories, if we take care of them.

So the cultural creators turned old memories into new songs and new art and collectedthem in the performance Skillingnytt til kaffet.

About ordinary people in a changing world - just like you and me.


Bo Selinder, Lotta Karlsson, Robert Råberg, Fanny Felicia Svanberg.

The performance is performed in Swedish

Artistic team

Music: Bo Selinder, Lotta Karlsson

Art: Fanny Felicia Svanberg

Director: Kjell Peder Johansson

Photo: Magnus Stenberg

Performance duration: 1 hour 15 minutes including 15 intermissions

Organizer : Skellefteå Rikstaerförening

You can buy tickets at the office Skeppargatan 11B 0910-125 03, Skellefte tourist center 0910-45 25 10 or

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Price information

SEK 395 - youth <26 years/students: SEK 150 including coffee