The word

Trappscenen, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Jonas Hedlund on a fond return with the lunch performance and the musical monologue "The Word" from Torgny Lindgren's short story collection Merab's beauty.

"He had pulled the iron pipe, it was a one-inch iron pipe, he had pulled it from the head end by the bed and below the kitchen so that it opened at the wall cover, if you sat on top of the wood bench you could talk right into the pipe. In that tube he talked to Hanna, his mother, Hanna Burvall, and to Sofia. But never a stranger.”

The performance is about Samuel Burvall in Storholmträsk. He who locked himself in the attic and who believed the word itself was the source of infection. The word pneumonia.

A tragicomic story about love, fear and the power of words. And the eternal question – what is the very meaning?

"It's like being completely absorbed by the author Torgny Lindgren's voice when you sit on the café stage at Örebro Teater and the one-man show Ordet." Martin Dyfverman/Kulturdelen

“JonasHedlund gives a colorful and convincing voice to Lindgren's characters. He sings savior songs to a fictitious pedal organ (which we only hear) and he truly IS Lindgren's narrative voice that gives us wings to soar for an hour into another world here in Örebro."
Martin Dyfverman/Kulturdelen

"When Jonas Hedlund tells a story, you sit breathless and just disappear into the story!
Watched the genre rep and looking forward to Saturday to watch it again.” Audience vote after the genre rep


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Jonas Hedlund grew up in the village of Drängsmark just north of Skellefteå. Since 2005 he has lived in Örebro and has mainly worked at Teater Martin Mutter but also at Lerbäcks Theater and Örebro Länsteater. Before that, he had assignments at Uppsala Stadsteater, Sörmland's Music and Theater, Folkteatern in Gävle, Bhopa Theater as well as roles on film and TV.