Her daughter

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Directly from Vilnius comes a guest appearance by one of Lithuania's great storytellers, Milda Varnuskaitė. She is part of NBC's network of Nordic and Baltic colleagues and presents her own interpretation of the very popular folktale in her home country "Spruce, queen of snakes".

We get to follow the daughter Aspen who is accused of betraying her father - an act that later leads to his death. But was there reason for her to make this fateful decision? In Milda's adaptation, the focus is on the relationship between mother Spruce and her youngest daughter Aspen. Are daughters capable of breaking out of generational cycles or are they bound to continue repeating them?

"Her daughter" is a fairy tale with feminist overtones that contains both humor and wisdom. Here there is female strength and empowerment, but the exciting story is also bordered by injustice and abuse. Welcome to the shores of the Baltic Sea where the secrets of the underwater palace are revealed...

Mentorduring the production period has been Abbi Patrix, one of the great European names in the art of storytelling, and we are happy to welcome Milda to us. Her strong performance fits nicely into our theme "In Sara's Footsteps".

Photo: Karl R. Giesriegl

The performance is performed in English.

Organizer: Nordic Storytelling Center part of Västerbottensteatern

The food is served in collaboration with Restaurang Mandel (the Wood hotel)

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20Oct 12:00 - 13:00 Trappscenen, Sara kulturhus

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Biography: Milda Varnuskaitė is an international storyteller, storytelling coach, curator and producer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her style combines stories from the Baltic Sea region with life experiences and insights, often through comedy. She performs regularly in the Netherlands and Lithuania and some events include the Oerol Festival in Terschelling in the Netherlands, the "Amsterdam International Storytelling Festival" and the MIX UP Festival in Paris.