Festival Club: Giants and Monsters

Stage 2, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå


180 kr
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A club night where we mix storytelling with heavy folk music and powerful projections!

Welcome to a unique and powerful experience with GIANTS & MONSTERS! The concept offers two fascinating performances where heavy folk music, projections and audiovisual storytelling are combined in a spectacular way. Professor Loop takes you on a medieval journey of discovery in sound and image while Maria Jonsson & Daniel Fredriksson portray Lisa Johansson Sandberg's story about ancient giants in Vilhelmina. Don't miss the chance to experience these musical storytelling performances that take you on a journey through time and space.

Maria Jonsson & Daniel Fredriksson: Jättarna i Vilhelmina A musical story that focuses on archive recordings with Lisa Johansson Sandberg (1894-1982). Lisa's epic tale of the primeval giants in Vilhemina is portrayed through live music and projected animations. (approx. 50 min)

Professor Loop (aka HållbusTotte Mattsson): The Monster in Paradise An audio-visual journey of discovery in a medieval world of symbols. A vevlire performance with live looping and live VJ-ing by Professor Loop (approx. 30 min)

VJ-ing (VEE-JAY-ing) is a broad term for real-time visual performance. The hallmark of VJ-ing is the creation or manipulation of images in real time and in sync with music.

Bar service in collaboration with Restaurant Mandel (the Wood hotel)

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SEK 260 regular

SEK 180 youth (up to 26 years)/stud



Daniel Fredriksson Daniel grew up in Skellefteå and as a folk musician has taken an interest in new interpretations of the Västerbottnian song treasure, including in the duo "Pettersson & Fredriksson". Daniel received his doctorate in ethnology at Umeå University in 2018, and now works at Högskolan Dalarna's education in Sound and Music Production. He is interested in audiovisual storytelling and at the Västerbottensteatern he has previously produced "Getaren", which is also based on an oral story from the county.

Lisa Johansson Sandberg from Vilhelmina (1894-1982) was above all known as an artist where she used plant-dyed wool yarn to create beautiful pictures, often with mountain motifs. She was a great storyteller, wrote several books with a cultural history focus, and from a seemingly never-ending source came the stories made up of personal memories from growing up, customs and practices, but also supernatural events and beings.