MARTIN STENMARCK - Summertime Music & Life Festival

Norrvalla Sports Stadium, Skellefteå

Martin Stenmarck has definitely come a long way from his upbringing in a village outside Örebro, where his family moved when he was 12.

Music and artistry were always highly valued in his family. There are more artists there if you go back in time. As a young man, Martin himself wanted nothing more than to scratch with his band, a Lord of the Rings-influenced hard rock band that listened to too much Led Zeppelin. If you fast-forward through Martin Stenmarck's career, you get a clear picture of an artistic range that few Swedish artists have.

From the hard rock Dreams in the Boy's Room to the Grammys win, the Melodifestivalen win, the Rockbjörnen win, and to the spring of 2018 where Stenmarck has just finished his second Sweden tour with his critically acclaimed performance "Syskonkärlek - räkna med bråk". The narrative monologue about growing up with 11 siblings, directed by Kristoffer Appelquist.

No matter what project he's entered into, the stage has always been the focus, it's his residence. Martin Stenmarck never stands still, he looks forward to the future with gigs, performances, and breaking new ground both musically and artistically. Now Martin is finally coming back to SKELLEFTEÅ, welcome!

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Phone: +46-460705703877

Organizer: Skellefteå Summertime Music & Life Festival


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