KJELL'S BENCH - Summertime Music & Life Festival

Norrvalla Sports Stadium, Skellefteå

We are Kjells Bänk - you are not. The motto comes from the Skellefteå band Kjells Bänk. The band met for the first time in the Kulturföreningen Mullberget premises in November 2021.

"If the Kulturföreningen hadn't existed, we might never have met each other," state the members. The band from Skellefteå has dropped like a bomb in Västerbotten's music life in the last year! Since the start, the 4 members, aged 15-16, have managed about 25 concerts - mostly up in the north but also on tour to Stockholm and Uppsala in the spring of 2023. With a record deal behind them, the EP "YIH8TW" came out this year as well, where both the single "Why I Hate The World", and the underground hit "Drink Piss And Die" are included.

As the song titles gossip about, Kjells Bänk plays punk, garage rock with elements of indie rock. In addition to solid and elaborate songwriting, Kjells Bänk also spends a lot of time constantly developing his stage language, with great emphasis on the visuals. With a huge energy - seasoned with various hijinks and crazy ideas, the band takes the stage with a self-assuredness and obviousness that makes Kjells Bänk a band you won't forget!

So lift up Gluten's Maximus and get ready to be overrun by punk guitars, thrashy drums rumbling bass, and rockin' poses. 

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Organizer: Skellefteå Summertime Music & Life Festival

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