THE MAGNETTES - Summertime Music & Life Festival

Norrvalla Sports Stadium, Skellefteå

The Magnettes formed in Pajala, Norrbotten, and have toured 19 countries, including performances at SXSW, Summerfest, Golden Melody Awards, Eurosonic, and Tallinn Music Week.

The debut album "Ugly Youth" was released in 2017 and contained the singles "Sad Girls Club" (heard in Netflix's "Elitskolan") and "Young And Wild" (top-10 most played Swedish song on P3 2017). They appeared in SVT's Musikhjälpen, P3 Sessions, participated in #MINSQUAD, and were also heard in TV4's "Finaste Familjen" MTV's "Teen Mom" and the film "Turpa Kiinni Minun Haters", which is based on the band's life.

In 2020, the single "American" rotated steadily on Swedish radio, and the band spent the pandemic performing digital showcases at events such as Mu: Con (South Korea), SIM (Brazil), CRANC (Spain) Mondo NYC (USA). The full-length documentary "The Magnettes", where we get to follow the band for two years, premiered in February 2020.

In 2021, the band released two specially written singles "We Make It Look Easy" dedicated to Luleå Hockey, and "Tangerine Skies" dedicated to Luleå Pride". In 2021, they signed with the new music company K51, where "Monster" will be the first joint release.

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