Tommy Forsells kvintett och Elizabeth ”Liz” Lundberg

Trappscenen, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå


225 kr
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Traditional jazz songs but with Swedish lyrics. The originals are often good songs and with a little reinterpretation in Swedish they don't get any worse.

Fellow musicians are Dick Grubbström - piano, Torsten Mårtensson - guitar, Tommy Forsell - bass, Torsten Andersson - drums, Jan-Erik "Sunke" Sundkvist - saxophones.

Simpler refreshments can be bought at the entrance and you sit at a table, so it is allowed to clink a little with the coffee cup or wine glass for those who feel like it.

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Price: SEK 225

Members: SEK 175


Duration: 40 minutes x 2 acts excl. paus.