National Day celebration


Skellefteå Lions Club arranges National Day celebration. Coffee, coffee and sausages are available for purchase.

For those who want to join the parade to Nordanå from Guldtorget, we will gather there at 12.00. We walk in parade through the city to Nordanå and its outdoor scene.

Program National Day 2023

12.00 Gathering at Guldtorget. In the center of Skellefteå.
12.40 Departure for Nordanå.
13.00 Welcome speech by Johan Forsell, president of Skellefteå Lions. The Swedish flag is raised for the Musikkåren's parade march. The celebratory speaker Leo Wikberg delivers his celebratory speech to the audience. The band's fanfare. All choirs lead a sing-along with the audience "Du gamla du fria". Con Briokören and Skellefteå men's choir sing. Skellefteå male choir sings. The Con Brio choir sings.
14.00 March of the music corps.
14.05 Today's Conferences are presented.
14.10 Bälgadraget plays a song as a sign of summer.
14.15 Salsa Moreno shows a dance and invites the audience to try it out.
14.25 Katarina Johansson sings "Den blomstertid nu kommer"
14.30 Bälgadraget play.
14.35 Line dance - shown and the audience can try it out.
14.45 Aikaido presents a Japanese martial art and self-defense for a harmonious life.
14.55 Bälgadraget plays and invites the audience to dance.
15.10 Bursiljum's folk dance team. Katarina Johansson sings "Ida's sommarvisa" with the audience.
15.25 Skellefteå Lions club and Skellefteå municipality thank you so much for today and the Bälgadraget plays "Sommar, sommar, sommar"

All proceeds from our sales (coffee, hot dogs and lottery) go directly to: The families/people who need it after inflation, pandemic and price increases.

Free entrance

06Jun 12:00 - 15:00

Contact information

Nordanå ute scen - Parad från Guld torget till Nordanå
Contact: Anna From-Lindqvist
Phone: +46-702181956

Organizer: Skellefteå Lions Club


Price information

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