Move-in Day!

Nordanå, Skellefteå

Welcome to Move-in Day! A chance to get to know Skellefteå.  We want you and everyone else who has recently moved here to Skellefteå to really enjoy your stay here. Therefore, we invite you all to Inflyttardagen, where we thought we would take the opportunity to tell you about all the exciting things the place offers. A large number of associations, organizations and companies are in place, with both activities and offers that are interesting for you as a new resident. 

The whole family is of course welcome. The move-in day offers everything from outdoor activities and crafts, to the opportunity to meet employers and participate in competitions. In other words, there is something to do for both small and large. Plus the chance to get to know both old and new Skellefteå residents.

The theme for 2023 is picnics. Feel free to bring a blanket and snacks to enjoy a day outdoors at lovely Nordanå. Should there be bad weather, we have arranged so that it is possible to be indoors. There will also be the opportunity to taste and buy a lot of good from Skellefteå's local producers and other suppliers.

Admission is of course free. But you need to bring this invitation as a ticket. For some activities, you need to register as there is a limited number of places, but otherwise you are free to come and go as you want. For those who travel by car, there are plenty of parking spaces, but it is also possible to take the bus to the center, cycle or walk.

See you!

18Jun 11:00 - 16:00 Nordanå

Contact information

Ernst Westerlunds allé
931 32 Skellefteå
Phone: +46-910735000

Organizer: Inflyttarservice Skellefteå kommun