Ursinnig festival

Jörn, Skellefteå

5-year anniversary is celebrated with a five-day festival! The festival offers stories, creativity, history and music, meetings, experiences, and much more. Come and join us!

(More info see Ursinnig.nu )

Throughout the festival: Embroider your seat – Jörn, window exhibition JESS

Saturday 3/6
Folkets Park in Jörn
At 12 Inauguration
12.15 pm Music Café - Half the Way Band
01.15 pm Stories by the fire.
2.15 pm Vrånglåtar from Jörn - In memory of Gunnar Lindgren. By Liz Lundberg, Agneta
Berglund & Kenneth Johansson
At 15.30 Jörnsrevyn
12-4 pm Stone painting & sale of Swedish Fika
4 pm Finish

Sunday 4/6
10 am Service St Michael's church in Jörn
11 am Try boule Jernbanetorget
11 am Waffle coffee Jernbanetorget/JESS
At the 12 Anniversary celebration at Jernbanetorget
Lifewires – One and one hundred years with Sara Lidman, Harald Larsen
Iron & the Railway 130 years
1-8 pm Workshop gospel St Michael's church in Jörn
2-4 pm Workshop embroider your place – Jörn, JESS
6-8 pm Gospel concert St Michael's church in Jörn
6-9 pm Open house Mind Detonator, Storgatan 36

Monday 5/6
10 am Book breakfast - Ursinne, JESS, Storgatan 34
1-8 pm Open house at Lindblom farm, Järnvägsgatan 25
Creative craftsmanship through recycling, John Åman
2 pm and at 6 pm Performance (20 min) Ingrid Åman
Swedish Fika
6 pm Test boule, Jernbanetorget
6 pm Waffles and coffee Jernbanetorget/JESS
3-7 pm Insane swimming Jörns Bad & Sport. Also 30/5, 2/6

Tuesday 6/6
12 National Day celebration, See Hembygdsgården's advertisement
6-8 pm Test rolling ceramics, JESS (registration required)

Wednesday 7/6
6 pm SARA challenges – ORKA! Jörn's library
Text reader: Ingalill Degerfeldt
Guest: The author Malin Ackermann with the book KAMP, KAOS, LEV!

The festival is possible thanks to cooperation between several different associations, companies, private individuals, and Skellefteå municipality.


Contact information

Contact: Ann-Sofi på Jörns bibliotek
Phone: +46-91610485

Organizer: JESS Jörns Evenemang & SamhällsService i samarbete med flera aktörer, b.la. Skellefteå kommun

E-mail: bibliotek.jorn@skelleftea.se