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20 years have passed since Moneybrother released the now iconic debut album 'Blood Panic' - an album that jump-started an artist's career, as much as it became a style-forming album for the Swedish rock sound of the 00s.

Backed by a seven-piece band, Moneybrother is going on a tour this fall to celebrate the anniversary of Blood Panic, as well as the approximately 1000 gigs over the years that were a direct result of the album. It will be enlivened, inspired and seasoned with both music and stories from the long career. As the Money Brother himself says:

"I feel quite lost in most situations. But when I stand up and sing, I know exactly what to do. When I'm nervous about something everyday, I usually pretend that I'm singing up for a gig. Then I feel better . I want to go for a spin and thank the audience who continue to come to my gigs. I don't want it to be a concert, it should be a hell of a story. And the goal is that the feeling of the audience should remain until Christmas Eve, at least. "

In the 20 years that have passed since 'Blood Panic', Anders "Moneybrother" Wendin has cemented his position as one of our most pressing artists. There have been five more albums, the latest of which is the excellent 'It's the days I want to sing about' (2018). In connection with the tour, Moneybrother is also releasing new music – this time in English.


Good to know before your visit:

Age limit: 13 years
Cloakroom: located adjacent to the stage for the event.
The cloakroom fee is included in your ticket.
Admission: approx. 45 minutes before the event starts.
Eating: Food and drink are not allowed to be brought into our stages.
Hearing aids: available in all our scenes, read more here.
Walker: placed outside the entrance, staff on site are available if you need help.
Lift: located at stairwell B, left side.
Wheelchair spaces: All wheelchair spaces are accessible via lift, stairwell B, left side. Please respect that wheelchair spaces are intended for wheelchair users. In case of violation, the ticket will be declared invalid on the spot and entry to the event will be denied. Tickets cannot be repurchased in the event of an incorrect purchase.


Craving for a lovely mingling before the concert?

Before the concert, The Wood Hotel by Elite serves drinks and light snacks in the South foyer.
Serving opens 45 minutes before the concert begins.


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Age limit: 13 years

Duration: 90 minutes. No break. 

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