Exhibition Malin Östlund

Kurjovikens Sjökrog, Skellefteå

Exhibition at Kurjovikens Sjökrog featuring works by Malin Östlund. Take the opportunity to book dinner in connection with the opening reception on July 17th.

Paintings by this magical artist will be at Sjökrogen from July 17th to August 3rd.

Malin Östlund is a self-taught figurative artist, born and residing in Skellefteå. Her art is primarily recognized for the female figures that often take center stage, both in her paintings and sculptures. In her creative process, Malin always strives to find an intuitive connection to a more poetic side of life. Since her first solo exhibition in 2010, Malin has participated in several juried, collective, and solo exhibitions, both in Sweden and abroad. Short courses in both ceramics and painting techniques have enriched Malin's artistic creation over the years, and she gladly experiments with new techniques for further development.

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