Chaos, Fight, Live

Bureå bibliotek, Skellefteå

Chaos Fight Live!

This is how Malin Ackermann summarizes her path from committed citizen to opinion leader and Saravarelse. In Malin's story, there is also breast cancer and how it made her reconsider the life patterns she had lived in. What if I don't have time to become who I want to be, was the thought that struck her when the breast surgeon brought the cancer news.

Malin's search for peace and quiet led her to Missenträsk. The treatment against recurrence of the cancer also became a spiritual healing to a life closer to herself and there in the search she found Sara, which led to her becoming a Saravarelse.

In Malin's book Kaos Kamp Lev! tells about the trip there and how she intends to take advantage of that task.

Monday 16 October at 18.00-19.00
Bureå library

Free entry, but registration is required.
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Included as part of the Storytelling Festival 2023. Tickets released 13 September 2023.

Arr: Skellefteå municipality/Bureå library

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Free entry, registration required.