Jämställd vardag with Sandra Lindström

Lövångers bibliotek, Skellefteå

Equality can never go too far. Because as long as the laundry isn't taken care of by a magical fairy, there's more to do.
Everyone must have the same rights, opportunities and obligations. Especially if we intend to live together. The lack of equality leads to stress and exhaustion, with four out of five people affected being women. It cannot continue like this.

Hear Sandra Lindström talk about her book Jämställ vardag, which takes you on a journey of discovery in your own relationship. It wants to make you and your partner dare to speak plainly. To pick up what rubs off. Dare to measure and count. And not least to create equality. How can we build strategies and abilities that help us deal with the challenges of life and work?

Sandra Lindström is a licensed psychologist, gender equality expert and lecturer. She has a great commitment and interest in issues of equality, gender, relationships and parenting. Sandra educates and lectures in areas related to people and their behaviour.

Tuesday 17 October at 18.00-19.00
Lövånger's library

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Arr: Skellefteå municipality/Lövångers library

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Free entry, registration required.