Fältbiologerna Energy Camp

Vitberget, Skellefteå

Welcome to camp with Fältbiologerna, Sweden's largest environmental and nature organization for children and young people. The field biologists' motto is: out in nature, inside the environmental debate. So are you 12-25 years old and want to talk about environmental politics? While you get to hang out, and hang out with others who also enjoy hanging out and learning about how we can protect nature? Then this is the camp for you! You can either be a leader or a participant, it's up to you. 🍁

Practical info:
📅 The camp is November 1-3
🏕️ You who are a leader or participant must be 12-25 years old
💚 Regardless of whether you have been part of Fältbiologerna before or not, you are welcome
💰 The camp is completely free - Fältbiologerna pay for travel, accommodation and food
📍 The camp is at Scoutstugan Hartassen, near the Vitberget exercise track
💦 The cabin we will camp at is simple - we collect water from a can, go to the outhouse and sleep in a tent or wind shelter. There is electricity though, so wewill be able to cook and warm us in the cabin. For those who want, it is fine to sleep inside the cabin as well. Nearby there is a pond where we can take a (cold) dip and nature nearby to explore!
🥘 All food will be vegan
💡The theme of the camp is energy: We discuss energy policy and gather inner energy - after all, the camp is during the autumn holidays - through cold baths, hanging around the campfire and yoga. Everything is voluntary to participate in!
⏰ You can register as a leader until September 18.
⏰ You can register as a participant until October 23.

Read more about the camp and register here: https://faltbiologerna.se/evenegramen/energilager-i-skelleftea/

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Contact information

Scoutstugan Hartassen
Contact: Cecilia Rydberg
Phone: +46-0700342192

Organizer: Fältbiologerna

E-mail: naturmakt@faltbiologerna.se

Price information

|Translated by Google translation| The camp is completely free. The field biologists pay for your travel to and from camp, the food we eat during camp and any other costs that may be incurred.