Tänk om! A lecture by and with Stigge Bäckman.

The City Library, Skellefteå

A lecture by and with Stigge Bäckman.

Stig-Arne Bäckman openly shares his ideas, dark moments and a lot of crazy pranks he has been a part of by daring to believe in something.

"Imagine if there were other paths forward in life than the traditionally marked ones. Imagine if people grow from being able to do things for real, to be seen and confirmed for what they actually prove to be capable of. Imagine if we would simply rethink, to create a stronger society that holds the whole together and removes exclusion.”

Jonas Fahlman is a journalist and writer, active in the communications industry. ”Tänk om!” is his eighth book.

Wednesday 18 October at 18.00-19.00
Västerbottensrummet, City Library, Sara Culturhouse

Free entry, but limited number of seats.

Included as part of the Storytelling Festival 2023. 

Arr: Skellefteå municipalityCity Library

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