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The band Yonder Tree from Hedemora has gained worldwide attention with its Gino Vanelli-inspired music, including by Gino himself!

About Yonder Tree
The history of Yonder Tree goes back to its lead singer Tony Brorsson, born in Avesta but living in Hedemora, Sweden, who at an early age developed a fascination for rock icon Gino Vannelli. Brorsson grew up in a musical environment, where his father gave him different musical experiences by taking his son to concerts in different genres. This fueled Brorsson's love for music and he began singing at the age of 15.

Besides Gino Vannelli, Brorsson was deeply influenced by singers as diverse as Glenn Hughes, Fee Waybill and the Swede Fred Åkerström, as he developed a powerful vocal sound with a nice vibrato. What Brorsson admired about Vannelli was his formula of freely mixing several musical styles into one and the same concept, which he embodied in his own musicianship.

Later, Brorsson's vocal talents were discovered by the local music community, and he soon became involved in his first band together with childhood friend Peter Söderström, a producer and professional guitarist. They brought in drummer Johan Kullberg (Hammerfall, Therion), P-O Gaasvik on keyboards and Patrik Söderström on bass and formed Frontiers, a band that explores American rock with progressive influences. Success was immediate as their EP 'Frontpage' received rave reviews and sold out, which then led to them being signed to a UK label. The famous rock magazine Kerrang wrote about the group: "THIS Swedish band will eat Europe for breakfast!" Sadly, plans were thwarted when members were drafted into military service and other unforeseen life obstacles got in the way.

In 2015, Brorsson initiated Ginotonyz, a tribute cover band for Gino Vannelli, with Peter Söderström (guitar), Ola Söderberg (bass), Mikael Svahn (keyboards) and Gabriel Vaiola (drums). The band performed Vannelli's music along with other rock classics and did a number of concerts over a few years. An acclaimed live recording by the band led to the joining of the label GN Records for production and management in 2021, whereupon the label asked the band to abandon the cover songs and instead write original music in the progressive rock spirit of Gino Vannelli. At that time, circumstances led to the formation of a new group, called Yonder Tree, a title taken from a Vannelli album, but also a name denoting a private place for creativity, rest and contemplation.

Yonder Tree will release their debut album "Seasons" on GN Records in January 2023, nine fresh new songs featuring Tony Brorsson's soaring vocals on top of the soundcap in a top-notch rhythm section, including Jonas Isacsson guitars (Roxette), Joakim Niehoff (Shirley Clamp) and Daniel Lantz (Beat Funktion) on keyboards, Lars Risberg (Gino Vannelli) on bass and Roine Johansson (Robert Wells, Gino Vannelli) on drums. The album musically captures the essence of freely mixing concepts into one package, presenting progressive fusion vibes alongside straight rock and metal hit concepts. As Tony puts it: "I'm convinced that many listeners like more music than they're actually aware of. With this band, I hope to show the audience a smorgasbord of musical styles in one show that can open up new discoveries. "

Yonder Tree released their debut album, "Seasons", in the spring of 2023 on GN Records, with 9 newly written songs, released worldwide digitally, on CD and on limited edition vinyl.

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