A tribute to the future

Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Join us for an exciting event on November 11 – a real treat for Skellefteå's awesome young people! Sara kulturhus will be bubbling over with lots of activities that are made to give you a top day and boost your mental strength.

And you know what? The day is rounded off with a concert by Peg Parnevik herself on the main stage. For the first time, she has released music in Swedish under her own name, where she wants to convey feelings and emotions with a new vibe.

But wait, it gets even better! The evening is topped off by a drag show and disco to keep the party going!

What can you expect during the day?

The improvisational theater Unghästen is wilder than ever, Kulturskolan delivers creativity, epic video games, and workshops where you can create cool stuff - and there is time and place for meaningful conversations.

A tribute to the future - Program

  • E-sports TV games
  • The art workshop with creation for future urban planning
  • Meeting place, conversation, competitions and play with Fritidsgårdarna, curators, BRIS, Guldstaden's girl shelter, Måbra activities
  • The young horse – XXX sex and stuff
  • Red nails
  • Gabriel Fontana lecture
  • The young horse – El Sueco
  • Bingo
  • Kjell's bench
  • Peg Parnevik
  • Disco with DJ – Nademm
  • Drag show

Ticket release week 43 via fritidsgård, Ungdomsverket, Skoltidsledare

  • This event is for all junior high and high school students (högstadie- och gymnasieelever).
  • Buses run from fritidsgårdene Bureå, Lövånger, Burträsk, Kåge, Byske, Jörn, Boliden, Skelleftehamn, Ursviken at 17.00 to Sara cultural center.
  • The young people who want can take regionaltrafik.
  • There is food for everyone who visits the event between 17.00-19.00

This is going to be awesome and magical! 🔥💥