Västerbottensteatern, Skellefteå

A tale of women's work and superpowers.

For grandmothers, granddaughters, mothers, and dreamers. For those who came before and those who will come after.
For determination and survival, tears and laughter. For conversations and opened eyes.
For us. For all we can, want, and dare.

The performance aims to elevate women's stories and aspirations throughout our modern history. About everyday life and strength, about enduring and surviving, and about the legacy of our foremothers. About women's work and superpowers. About how women of all times have needed safe spaces to support, celebrate, and learn from each other.

But what knowledge is essential to preserve? Is it still acceptable to love embroidery, ironing, and decorating pillowcases, or is it a waste of women's potential? What should we then devote our time and commitment to? How should a modern woman in the 21st century think and be? Matilda reflects on her social heritage through humor, darkness, irony, and facts.

Everything is within reach in this personal contemplation of women's lives and history.

By and with Matilda Kjellmor.

Price information

SEK 260 incl. soup

Allergies and special dietary requirements should be specified at the time of booking.