Stage 4, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Kingfisher is an international band based in Sweden and consists of

  • Julian (from Colombia)
  • Nich (from Italy)
  • Affe (from Sweden)

The genre is a combination of modern indie rock, new age, alternative and pop rock. Kingfisher has a rather unique style but can be compared to The Strokes, Bloc Party, Muse, Franz Ferdinand and Placebo.

Good to know before your visit:

Age limit: 18 years
Cloakroom: located adjacent to the stage for the event. The cloakroom fee is included in your ticket.
Admission: approx. 30 minutes before the event starts.
Food and drinks: are not allowed to be brought into our stages.
Hearing aids: available in all our scenes, read more here.
Walker: placed outside the entrance, staff on site are available if you need help.
Lift: located at stairwell B, left side.

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Age limit: 18 years

Duration: 60 minutes, no break. 

Seated audience.