I'm Thinking of Love - Open Rehearsals

Stage 5, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

The previous successes with open rehearsals will return during the Narrative Festival! This year, the Västerbottensteatern invites the audience to Stage 5 in Sara cultural center to take part in the ongoing work with "I think about love - a comedy show based on series by Liv Strömquist"!

What happens to love when we try to choose partners rationally? How is romance when we only care about our own happiness? And what can we really learn from Glenn Hysén about our time's discerning single consumption? And by Britney Spears on the myth of love?

Welcome to a musical and humorous show that holds up a laughing mirror to the present and offers both bizarre and everyday scenes. It will be a premierein November, but already now you can take a look behind the scenes.

Julia Marko-Nord, who successfully directed Rotterdam at the Västerbottensteatern in 2022, returns to tackle Liv Strömquist's uncompromising, twisted and analytical series about everything from sex, class, power structures and social criticism in general, to feminism in particular.

Liv Strömquist broke through in 2005 with the successful debut Hundra procent fett and has since established herself as one of Sweden's most important cartoonists and cultural personalities. Her series have been awarded several times, translated into almost twenty languages and have been extensively dramatized.

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