En singeltants memoarer

Stage 4, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

In Swedish.

An autobiographical singing and storytelling performance, presented in words and tones by Gitte Pålsson. 

It all begins with the young people on one of Malmö's streets shouting "Watch out for PRO" when Gitte cycles past. At first she thinks it must be someone else they mean. But it is in fact in that very moment that the single woman really realizes that she has begun to approach the "finish line" - that the future is now shorter than the life she has left behind. 

And so the story begins. The five-year-old Gitte stands in the harbor in Ystad with her grandmother who tells her that the world is too big and she should be careful. And that girls should preferably be invisible and… 

Producer: Gitte Pålsson Music & Stage Production  http://www.gitte.nu

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SEK 200


Of: Gitte Pålsson