Halloweekend and Murder Mystery

Lövångergården's restaurant, Skellefteå

Of course, Halloweekend is back this year as well.
Among creaking floors, the sound of someone washing dishes in the kitchen of your red little cabin in the middle of the night, Shadows sweeping across the floor, doors opening and closing by themselves, etc., etc. Yes, the list can be made long with things we ourselves have experienced during our four years here at Lövångergården.
Therefore, this is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween, we think. So we have put together a reasonably long package for you as below:

Saturday 4 / 11
fri 15:00 check-in in the cottages
16:00 Murder mystery. A murder has taken place somewhere in Kyrkstaden and it will be YOUR task and your group of friends to find the murderer. You will get different clues and talk to different people who know a lot or a little, or maybe nothing about what may have happened. But the murder must be solved!
18:00 Halloween buffet with masquerade party. The party opens. The premises are decorated. Of course we come dressed up and in the best party mood.
01:00 The party closes and now just begins the uncomfortable walk up to your cabin for a "peaceful and comfortable" night's sleep...

Sunday 5/11
10:00 Disgusting Brunch for everyone who survived the night down in our restaurant.

Do you dare?
ATTENTION! Right now there is nothing to worry about, as there are only pleasant things moving in the cottages and our premises. But you can never be completely sure..

Price information

SEK 1795

Public transportation

Lövånger. 600 meters from Lövånger Kyrkstad


From the E4, take off in Lövånger, signs for Lövånger Kyrkstad. Drive 600 meters through Lövånger. You will find Lövånger church town on the left side. After the cottage village turn left.