Friends of Boströmsbäcken

DFC-Din Fest på Campus, Skellefteå

The band that simply plays regular jazz. Now and then mixed in with a song or a bad story. This time we are also visited by a guest. The guest's name is Hans Bergfors and he is a trumpeter from Härnösand. He has visited us before in the big band HCJO, which he is also the initiator of.

Lage Johansson and Mats Åkerström various saxophones

Hans Bergfor's trumpet

Torsten Andersson drums

Magnus Bergner bass

Tor Holmström piano

Price information

125.- for members and 175.- for others. Children, companions and youth free. No pre-sale. Tickets only at the door.


Restaurang Din Fest Campus, Laboratorgränd 11