Monster - Konster

Jörn's library, Skellefteå

Monster- Konster

The action takes place in living nature. The main character is a child who has two mothers. A knitting needle for the main footing and a friendly monster are included. One of the trees in the forest is not feeling well and the doctor is called. When nothing helps, real arts, monster arts, have to be used, so that the tree can live as it wants, without restrictions.
Family show from 3 years.
Playing time approx. 35 minutes.
Screenplay: Margareta Selander
Puppets and scenography: Ingemar and Margareta Selander
Music: Frida Selander

Tuesday 17 October at 10.00-10.35
Location: Jörn's library

Free entrance.

Part of the Storytelling Festival 2023

Organiser: Department of Culture and Libraries/Jörn's library

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