Kristian Anttila

Stage 4, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå


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SEK 150. A service charge may apply
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Gothenburg artist Kristian Anttila is celebrating his 20th anniversary with a new retrospective solo performance.

A naked telling of everything that took place both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. About success and failure. About dreams and breakdowns. About tours from garages in Jokkmokk to baseball stadiums in Cuba. About where he is today, alone with a guitar on stage and how it came to be.

A fascinating life drawing where the music playfully takes you by the hand and lets you follow along. Everything told with a warm, open and humorous tone and at the same time serious about mental illness.

The performance is shown in collaboration with Skellefteå municipality.
(Photo: Lisa Ekelund)

The performance is given in Swedish

Saturday 2 March 2024
At 19 – 20.30
Stage 4, Sara cultural center

Price: SEK 150
Ticket release December 4
Tickets are on sale at Skellefteå Turistcenter, tel. 0910-452410 or via

Org:Skellefteå Municipality/Culture and Library Department

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SEK 150. A service charge may apply