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Sit down. Breathe. Take a break from everything and let yourself be enveloped by Frauke's magical world. In a combined film screening and dance performance, you will follow a narrative that explores the six senses: taste, sight, smell, hearing, touch, and balance.

It becomes a visual and grand experience where the boundaries between the beautiful and the ugly are liberatingly fluid. In "Pearl," Frauke explores hidden beauty – a radiant force inside a dark shell.

We follow a woman's reality, both actual and perceived and how she transforms and rediscovers herself. A story with a strong concentration of emotions, tension, and presence.

Butoh is an avant-garde form of dance theater that originated in Japan in the late 1950s. The more international choreographers work with this art form, the more diverse directions it continues to evolve in.

Swedish choreographer Caroline Lundblad, known by the artist name Frauke, is recognized for her Scandinavian approach. Her connection with Japan is a prerequisite for her creative process. In Kyoto, Japan, she conducts her artistic research, forming the basis for her unique vocabulary and expression. In "Pearl," there are influences from traditional Japanese Noh theater, which Caroline studies under a master.

A significant part of the artistic team is based in Japan, including film director Yusuke Kitaguchi and set and costume designer Ryo Onishi. "Pearl" becomes a fashion lover's dream with several exceptional costume changes. The music is composed by Daniel Troberg, based in Los Angeles.

"In Butoh, you don't perform a movement; you become a movement. When I create dance, I think that my body should take the form of what I portray." Choreographer Caroline Lundblad / Frauke

"I have never met anyone who doesn't want to return to Frauke's enchanting world." Cecilia Suhaid Gustafsson, Artistic Director of Dance

Photo: Yusuke Kitaguchi

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Skelleftevägen 1
Contact: Marina Lundmark
Phone: +46-706814409

Organizer: Burträsk riksteater och musikförening


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Stage pass, SEK 200

Youth/Student SEK 125

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