Burträsk, Skellefteå

Note! In Swedish

A musical and psychedelic fireworks display.

Welcome to the magical theater, a timeless place here and now but also a tribute to the 70s movement, to liberation, and to all those who dare to change. The Skogsnäs collective celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023, and in honor of this, they create a tribute performance with Herman Hesse's classic "Steppenwolf". A fairy tale and a journey into the subconscious, simultaneously a confrontation with the outside world and its demands. Join them on a journey through musical numbers, live music, dance, light, and puppetry contrasting with Harry's rigid and square surroundings.

Harry himself is a melancholic outsider, dissatisfied with both himself and life. He is a divided being, half-wolf with an original wild animal nature that has been locked away and suppressed by prevailing morality and tradition. Slowly, both the audience and Harry are drawn to open their eyes, take a few steps into the unknown, and ultimately find themselves.

From chamber play to psychedelic fireworks, a musical evening like none you have ever seen before.

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24Apr 19:00

Contact information

Skelleftevägen 1
Contact: Marina Lundmark
Phone: +46-706814409

Organizer: Burträsk riksteater och musikförening


Price information

Stage pass SEK 200

Youth/student SEK 125

Adult SEK 250