Stones in the pocket

Stage 2, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Guest play from Norrbottensteatern

Irish playwright Marie Jones's play Stones in the Pocket is a narrative firework filled with both humor and depth. Two actors share fifteen roles in a story about the rift between city and sparse countryside and about how high-flying dreams collide with the harsh reality of everyday life.
In a village in Norrbotten live two unemployed men in younger middle age. They work their way up like extras in a film shoot. The actors - the stars - are flown in from the south to film their outdoor scenes in the dramatic landscape, while the villagers get to act as local colour.
In our story, however, it is the extras who play the main role and we get to follow their search for a fair income, love, dignity and a meaningful existence.
Martin Sundbom and Erik Kaa Hedberg take on this master's test in acting and we can promise that it will be a warm and close-to-the-audience performance with great drama on a small surface.

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10Apr 19:00 - 21:10 Stage 2, Sara kulturhus
11Apr 19:00 - 21:10 Stage 2, Sara kulturhus

Contact information

Torggatan 7
Contact: Maria Asserud
Phone: +46-910715615

Organizer: Västerbottensteatern AB

E-mail: maria.asserud@vasterbottens...

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Price information

SEK 355 regular

SEK 315 stage pass

SEK 215 youth (up to 26 years)/stud


Plays April 10 & 11 at 7 p.m., Stage 4, Sara cultural center

Ordinary: SEK 355.
Stage pass price/Group price (min. 20): SEK 315.
Youth/stud (under 26): SEK 215.
Length: 2 hours 10 min including break

Featuring Tobias Aspelin and Erik Kaa Hedberg

By: Marie Jones
Publisher: Colombine Teaterförlag
Original Edition Title: Stones in His Pockets
Translation: Thomas Tidholm
Publisher: Draken Teaterförlag
Director: Daniel Goldmann
Script processing: Daniel Goldmann in collaboration with Rasmus Lindberg
Scenography/costume: Mona Knutsdotter
Mask: Annika Öhlund
Sound: Urban Wirén
Lighting: Mikael Söderstjerna