I went down to brother

Stage 2, Sara kulturhus, Skellefteå

Jana returns to her childhood village and encounters a home that reminds of trauma, a Brother who is about to drink himself to death, a John she doesn't remember and more questions than answers. Childhood creeps up as she tries to sort out her relationships, but time has distorted both memories and narrative. What actually happened? Who has blood on their hands?

This is the great story of the small community and the people who populate it. We move across time and space to piece together this drama about a woman's coming to terms with her own history.
Teater Västernorrland presents the stage premiere of Karin Smirnoff's acclaimed trilogy about Jana Kippo.
"Jag for ner till bror" will be a theater with Amanda Jansson in the lead role
In the spring of 2024, Teater Västernorrland will stage "Jag for ner till bror" based on Karin Smirnoff's novel trilogy. In the lead role as Jana Kippo, we will see Amanda Jansson from SVT's police series Tunna blåthe line. "I hope that Teater Västernorrland does its own thing with the story, without being too literal or loyal to the original. Art usually turns out best then," says Karin Smirnoff.
On stage for the set, we will see Amanda Jansson, who above all became known for her leading role as the Norrland police Sara in the SVT drama The Thin Blue Line. She has previously had roles in Vår tid er nu, Beck and was seen as recently as in the fall in Night Riders.
Actor and director Julia Marko-Nord directs.
- The story of Jana touched me deeply already when I read the books. How love, trauma, abuse/codependency affects the whole family, a whole system - where no one goes free. I hope that our staging of this story, where we dare to look at family secrets and let the light in, can be a healing force for the audience, says Julia Marko-Nord, director.
Karin Smirnoff debuted in 2018 with "I went down tobrother" and the book was nominated for the August prize the same year.
- That the books about Jana Kippo get a new life in the form of theater feels great. Almost even more fun than seeing my own books in print because it is about a reimagining of my works; that is, how other people read and interpreted them, says Karin Smirnoff.
Teater Västernorrland's production of "Jag for ner till bror" premieres in March 2024. In other roles we see, among others, Helena Svartling and Victor Wigardt from Teater Västernorrland's permanent ensemble.

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24Apr 19:00 - 21:30 Stage 2, Sara kulturhus
25Apr 19:00 - 21:30 Stage 2, Sara kulturhus

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Cast: Amanda Jansson, Martin Pareto, Helena Svartling, Victor Wigardt