Lecture - See you in heaven


Note! The lecture is held in Swedish

From darkness and thoughts of suicide to tools that save lives! A vital lecture on shame, guilt & mental health! Be part of this evening and break the silence!

Are you - or someone you know - struggling with mental health or addiction? Do you recognize the feeling of shame and fear of telling others?

This lecture is about one of Sweden's biggest societal problems that few have dared to talk about - until now! You will gain insights, concrete tools, and support to manage shame, guilt & stigmatization.

Niclas Aronsson has been there. He held the suicide note in his hand, ready to end his life. Today, he has overcome this dark time and is one of Sweden's leading therapists and lecturers.

This fall, he is back with the second part of the lecture tour "See you in heaven." Last spring, it received a rating of 4.9/5 from over 1500 attendees. In these 90 minutes, Niclas shares his experiences and provides you with the tools that could have saved him from 10 years of mental health struggles!

"During the lecture, I talk about my 10-year battle with mental health, gambling addiction & suicide attempts - and what eventually helped me turn darkness into light."

▫️ After the lecture, you will have:

- Insights & knowledge about shame, guilt & societal stigmatization surrounding mental health and addiction.
- Knowledge to break the silence and offer support to your surroundings.
- The KAS tool: The difference that makes a difference for both yourself and your entire environment!

This lecture is for everyone affected by mental health or addiction - personally, in their close circles, or professionally in their careers. You will be able to relate to significant parts of the entire lecture and Niclas's story, as well as take away tools that can be applied in your daily life or professional career.

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05Mar 18:00 - 19:30

Contact information

Laboratorgränd 13
Contact: Niclas Aronsson
Phone: +46-723926424

Organizer: Niclas Aronsson

E-mail: hej@niclasaronsson.se

Price information

Youth up to 18 years: SEK 195

Adult: SEK 295