One Country, One Evening - Slovenia

Medborgarskolan, Skellefteå

The evenings are led by a team from a selected country. The meetings take place at Medborgarskolan are held in English and are free. New and old Skellefteå residents, families and singles, all are welcome!

The evening is a collaboration between Medborgarskolan, Welcome House Skellefteå and Expats and Friends so that the inhabitants of Skellefteå can get to know each other's cultures better.

There are over 100 nationalities in Skellefteå - people who will meet in their new everyday lives. ”One evening-one country” is a meeting place for everyone, both new and old Skellefteå residents and of course the whole family is welcome. There, meeting participants get to experience the country's food, music, singing, dancing and maybe try a craft - but also learn more about the country and see the cultural differences between the country and Skellefteå.

Welcome to Medborgarskolan at Storgatan 37. The event is free of charge, but registration is required!

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