Historical guided tour - the village of Vebomark

Sommarcafé Lundbergska gården Vebomark, Skellefteå

Historical guided tour of the village of Vebomark - the village where the swamp disappeared

Christin Dahlgren leads the guided tour and describes the history of Vebomark from ancient times to the milking robot. The exhibition on the upper floor of the house portrays the history and we get to listen and ask questions about the of the village. You will learn about ancient history and finds made when the coastline was here. How did hunting and food gathering take place?

The Vebomark lake has undergone several subsidences, the first of which was granted in 1787. The purpose of lowering the water level was then to increase the shoreline, nutrient-rich forage areas with sedge grass. Nowadays, the swamp is completely drained. How did people treat the seafood? How did it work with sea forage plots?

The language spoken during the guided tour is Swedish. 

The summer café is open 11-16.

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