Author interview – Tina Harnesk about the book Mödramärg

Lövånger's library, Skellefteå

In Mödramärg, Tina Harnesk delves into another part of Sami history and the fate of her own Lule Sami family.

We get to follow two women's destinies in two ages. The focus is on both motherhood and the exploitation of Sápmi, told with Tina Harnesk's warm unique joy of language that is recognizable from the acclaimed debut and Book of the Year winner Folk som sår i snö.

The current mining threat in Mödramärg is fictitious, but right now several similar processes are taking place around Sápmi where Sami and nature conservation organizations are fighting to protect the lands.

TINA HARNESK was born in 1984 and lives on a mountain outside Arvidsjaur with her husband and children. She grew up in Jokkmokk. Her debut Folk som sår i snö was named Book of the Year 2023 and the rights have been sold to 20 countries.  

Friday 18 October at 14.00-15.00, Lövångers Library

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