Kåge library, Skellefteå

Ulf Lundström tells about the Kågeträsk diary, which was written by the two sisters Greta Dahlqvist (1859-1947) and Lovisa Dahlqvist (1862-1938).

It was written between 1891 and 1901 at Anten-Or's farm in Kågeträsk and depicts the daily life of the sisters. Birgitta Bjurman has rewritten the diary and translated it into modern Swedish. Ulf Lundström has identified people and researched life in the village and processed the text.
Ann-Catrine Edlund is the main editor and Erik Edlund has done the linguistic editing.

(It is published in the Academy's writing series Folklivskildringar och bygdestudier 21:2 and a number of excerpts from the material are interpreted and read into contemporary skelleftemål by Marianne Folkedotter, Västerbotten museum. )

Monday 14/10, 14.00-15.00, Kåge library

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Organiser: Skellefteå Municipality/Culture and Library Department

The event is part of the Storytelling Festival 2024

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Free entry, registration required.