Isbanan för Race of Champions Snow & Ice 2022 i Piteå
Rally Sweden 24-27 February 2022

Accommodations for Rally Sweden 2022

Rally Sweden takes place in Umeå between 24th-27th of February 2022. Umeå is the new host for Rally Sweden, which has changed city to be able to ensure a stable winter climate for a winter rally on snow covered roads. As the WC Rally Sweden attracts a large audience, accommodation options in neighbouring areas will also be highly attractive. With the short distances here in the north, there are several accommodation facilities just a short drive further north from the Umeå region.


When you choose accommodation in Skellefteåfor your visit to Rally Sweden 2022, you get comfortable lodgings and a route of about 1.5 hours’ drive to the competition itself.

Discover Swedish Lapland

Take the opportunity to see more during your visit to Rally Sweden in North Sweden and discover Skellefteå in Swedish Lapland. Here you will find everything you can think of during a visit to Great North. Ride a dog sled, ride Icelandic horses through the forest, take the chance to see the northern lights or go on a sustainable moose safari with electric snowmobiles. All that and much more can be found here in Skellefteå.

Rally Towards Zero

Since 2019, Rally Sweden has had a vision of being a completely climate-neutral sporting event. Together with clubs, partners, modern research and the energy of the future, they have come a long way. It's about being able to conduct motorsport in a sustainable way, which can be tricky as both motorsport and events make an impression on the environment.


In 2022, the World Rally Championship will be the first in global motorsport to combine hybride engines with fossil-free fuels, which means a big step into the future. The introduction of sustainable hybrid technology marks one of the biggest milestones in the sport's history. The fuel itself is a blend of advanced biofuels and innovative e-fuel components, making the WRC a leader in sustainable motorsport.

Rally Sweden goes North

We think it's very exciting that Rally Sweden takes place in Umeå 2022. It's the perfect opportunity to show the world how fantastic the northern parts of Sweden can be. With a time distance of about 1 and a half hours between Skellefteå and Umeå, our hotels offer a comfortable stay for your visit to Rally Sweden in Umeå 2022. And when you are here, why not extend your stay and experience the Nordic winters yourself? What winter experience is on your bucket list? Maybe you want to do a Husky safari, see a moose, take the chance to see the northern lights or ride Icelandic horses through a winter wonderland? We have the activities for you.