Take-Away & other offers

We are proud of Skellefteå's restaurants and cafés, which have quickly adapted their offerings to handle the very unique situation we find ourselves in. Lunch boxes, take away and adapted serving make it easy and safe to continue eating well for both lunch and dinner.

Bistro A

Everything on our menu is available as takeaway.


Our entire lunch- and dinner menu is available as takeaway with a 10% discount.

Tacofriday makes a comeback, and is available for takeaway fridays between 16-18.30 in the coctailbar.

There is also a weekendbag available which is collected on fridays. It contains a dinner for two, prepared by our amazing chefs and will only need heating or fried before service. A detailed description is included.

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Burträsk Värdshus

We offer takeaway with a discount, and also catering.

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Hjortron Catering 

We offer affordable offers for both businesses and people. 

We also offer delivery to both big and small parties.

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Kurjovikens Sjökrog 

We have a special offer for fridaydinner as takeaway every week. 

We can also offer you an adapted restaurant with fewer tables with space inbetween, and businesses can book our restaurant for your use only.

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La Cena

We offer takeaway, see our menu on our website. We have also gone from 64 too 42 seats in the restaurants so our guests can keep their distance from eachother.

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Our offer:

  • Open for lunch in spaceous premises with plenty of space and single rooms available.
  • Takeaway with 10% discount with catering and delivery within Lövånger.
  • "Treat yourself"-luxurybag as takeaway for saturday nights until Christmas buffets starts.
  • Lunchbox subscription , 59 kr/ box with delivery within Lövånger.

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We offer takeawat from our lunch menu and free delivery when you order 10 or more lunch boxes.

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Norma Coffe house

We offer takeaway for lunch, always vegan and without added gluten. Contains oatcream.

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You can choose between dine in or takeaway.

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We offer 20% discount on our entire menu.

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We take fewer guests than before to avoid queues inside and outside the restaurant. 

We've also adapted the time slots for takeaway so two guests can't collect takeaway at the same time. 

There are more space between tables so that you can keep a distance to the other guests.

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We offer our menu as takeaway with or without delivery. There is also a brunchbag for takeaway to collect on thursdays. We also offer lunchboxes.

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Solviks folkhögskola

We offer takeaway for lunch and changed the times for when our students eat lunch so there's never to many people in the restaurant at the same time.

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Sushi Yoshitake

We offer 10% discount on our entire menu.

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Enjoy our takeaway salad, melted sandwhiches and much more as takaway.

We offer delivery and drive in.

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We have more space between our tables.

We offer takeaway for lunch. 

We continue with our a la carte as usual.

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Stadskällaren Brewpub

Enjoy our food as a takeaway. Order here, through mail or telephone.

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Taco bar

We offer delivery in Skellefteå and takeaway.

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Texas Longhorn

We offer takeaway for our entire menu, welcome!

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The Corner

We offer our entire menu as takeaway. Call us at 0910-722670 to order.

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The Bishops Arms

We offer takeaway through the app MHL.

We have extended our takeaway menu and added a 10% discount on takeaway.

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​Wok n Roll

We offer delivery through the app MHL in order to reduce the physical contact.

Call us to order takeaway: 0910-88813.

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