Skellefteå Cultural Municipality of the Year in Västerbotten


During the year as a cultural municipality, residents and visitors get many opportunities to take part in theater, music, dance, cultural history, film, handicrafts and much more. In many cases, it's co-creative activities in the form of workshops and courses.

The culture in Skellefteå municipality

During the autumn of 2021 and the spring of 2022, culture in Skellefteå municipality will have more space than usual - Skellefteå has been named Culture Municipality of the Year in Västerbotten. Behind the appointment are the county's three large cultural companies Norrlandsoperan, Västerbotten's museum and Västerbottensteatern. The three cultural companies are tasked with operating throughout the county of Västerbotten. In the initiative Cultural Municipality of the Year in Västerbotten, the companies take joint responsibility for making culture visible in a specific municipality for one year.