Motorsport in Skellefteå & Fällfors

Northern Sweden offers racing at the highest levels

Feel the power! Skellefteå and Drivecenter Arena in Fällfors hosts international drivers in some of the worlds best racing and drifting competitions. The tracks in our part of Scandinavia offers sommething extraordinary for motorsports, which is obvious seeing as the Swedish racing elite, European championchips in drifting and the Scandinavian festival of speed all takes place here. Did we mention 100% electric racing, and the exhibition for electric vehicles? Explore events in motorsports today.

Get inspired by Skellefteå

High up in Sweden, along the coast, you will find the place with the perfect mix of city life and wild nature. There lies Skellefteå, a city with endless possibilities, and if we do say so ourselves, it's well worth the trip. In the same evening, you can eat a gourmet meal and see the dancing Northern Lights, and you can choose between hotel rooms, lighthouses and much more for a place to sleep. Treat yourself to a weekend to Norrland and Skellefteå.